Ever wonder who's behind the latest and greatest ideas and innovations at Eastman? In each edition, we'll bring you a snapshot of Eastman thought leaders around the world. In 10 Questions With…, you'll learn where they find inspiration, what advice they'd give their younger self, and even their preferred beverage.


  • Steve Crawford

    Steve Crawford is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Eastman. He has a passion for Sustainability and material solutions that Improve the Quality of Life globally for the generations to come. He is one of the foremost thinkers in materials innovation today in the material sector.
  • Holli Alexander

    Holli Alexander is a Strategic Initiative Manager of Global Sustainability at Eastman and has been instrumental in many of Eastman’s efforts to minimize environmental impact. We sat down with Holli to get the scoop on what she does and who she is—in and out of Eastman.