EASTMAN GOT ITS START in the age of black and white photographs, and our doors opened with the single intent of making a chemical used in the development of those photographs. In 1920, our company was created for that sole purpose. In the decades that followed, there was steady progress: a methodical buildup of technology capabilities, new products, useful innovations.

Fast forward 100 years. The world is moving at the speed of light – and so is Eastman. We are moving as fast now as we did then for the sake of a radical transformation: A company created to make one chemical is rapidly becoming a materials innovation company.

A modern, transformational innovation company needs a storytelling platform to match: one of intense and vivid colors, of inspiring and disruptive ideas, of diverse thinkers and risk-takers from around the globe, contributing their words and ideas to an electronic journal you can read on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Welcome to Enhance Magazine: A Chronicle of Eastman Innovation.

This new magazine is the evolutionary successor to a Web site that many of you knew well, the Eastman Innovation Lab. The former no longer exists but the amazing work and stories of Eastman’s people will continue to be highlighted.

Why the change? Simply put, we’ve evolved our storytelling platform because our company has evolved. There are so many stories to tell about Eastman, and so much excitement about where we are headed that we needed an open-ended platform like Enhance Magazine to connect with readers.

In each issue, there will be connecting threads from story to story. In these stories you will see Eastman’s innovation-driven growth strategy at work, as the talented people who are the nucleus of our world-class technologies and application development will be front and center. Enhance Magazine will always feature a sustainability thread because it drives our innovation strategy; education will always have its place because Eastman knows well – and supports – the power of ideas and learning.

In each edition, you will also detect a particular innovation theme that connects a parcel of stories. With that in mind, I hope you read our feature story about the evolution of Tenite to Treva in Ophthalmics, and its companion pieces. Also, I hope you will take time to read the Q&A with our Chief Technology Officer, Steve Crawford. Steve is one of foremost thinkers in materials innovation today, and he has a good, dry sense of humor too, which you may also pick up on.

At Eastman, we are driven by a purpose to Enhance the quality of life in a material way. Through Enhance Magazine, we aim to advance ideas that will make our world a better place, to offer vivid portraits of innovators – both within and outside of Eastman – who are determined to make a difference.

This will be an exciting journey. We will illuminate what is possible. We will bring up the big problems and offer solutions to them. We will strive to inspire you. We will show you the faces of innovation.

I invite you visit this magazine often and join us on this journey. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Mark Costa