JETS Swimwear Australia wanted to add beach and pool cover-ups to its Spring 2018 Collection. The brand is known for supporting sustainability by sourcing quality textured fabrics, laces, mesh, and premium weaves for all its swimwear and resort wear collections. JETS’ history of working with the latest sustainable manufacturing practices and local mills led them to Naia™ from Eastman.

Naia cellulosic yarn, sourced from sustainability managed forests, met JETS’ needs for a sustainable fabric. The team was especially drawn to the inherent softness, high breathability, and efficient moisture management of Naia—a must for swimwear cover-ups.

After a rigorous ten-month process of sketching, sample construction, fitting and fabrication, the Sydney-based design team created three designs using Naia for its Spring 2018 Collection — a Kaftan, a Tank Maxi Dress, and a Sarong in a copper color. The three pieces are minimal, monochromatic, and lightly textured. They were made from a fabric that is 90 percent Naia and 10 percent Lurex.

The three styles sold so well that JETS has decided not only to repeat the designs, but to expand them for its next collection. JETS will add more color options and additional styles made from Naia.

"We love that the fabric is sustainable. We’ve had such an overwhelming response from our customers. It’s really captured people’s attention. After testing our product, we’ve found the fabric to be soft, breathable, and easy to care for,” says Brenda Murray, head of design at JETS.