Welcome to the second edition of Enhance Magazine. To our returning readers and to those visiting for the first time, thanks for reading our digital magazine devoted to promoting thought and conversation around my favorite topic: innovation.

We’re devoting a significant portion of this magazine to the circular economy. It’s a topic of considerable importance at Eastman, and in a very short period, we have made two significant innovation announcements related to it in the past few months.

Our technologies for the circular economy are not new, and neither is our vision for making an impact on the environment and being good stewards of the earth’s resource. You’ll discern that as you hear from some of the people of Eastman in this magazine. What is new, however, is that we will have the power of two recycling solutions that will complement each other and operate at the scale needed to significantly accelerate the circular economy.

A truly circular economy can’t be achieved by the actions of one or even a few. It will take a collective effort, and we at Eastman are determined to deliver impactful solutions. We have an opportunity and an obligation to do so. Big problems require big ideas and even bigger solutions. That’s why we are dedicating extensive resources and enormous brain power to doing our part to evolve a circular economy. If you were to count of the number of people at Eastman who have a hand in these projects, the number would be in the thousands.

I get excited when I think about the possibilities, but I’ll stop here so that you can discover for yourself through the stories in this edition of Enhance Magazine. I think you will find our excitement contagious as we explore new ideas and as you learn more about who we are at Eastman. Simply put, we are a company of problem solvers. And right now, our people are tackling the biggest problems we’ve ever faced — problems that face us all. Our goal is to transform tomorrow by revolutionizing the materials that shape it today. That’s how we are enhancing the quality of life in a material way for you, for us, and for each other.