This year marks the 75th anniversary of a very important material used in tires around the world — Eastman Crystex™ insoluble sulfur. Insoluble sulfur has been a crucial component in the tire-making process since the 1930s, and for decades, the Crystex brand has been considered the industry standard. The legacy continues with the launch of Crystex Cure Pro, the newest innovation in insoluble sulfur and latest addition to the Crystex product line.

As tire makers strive to optimize their energy, labor and capital costs, increased productivity within their manufacturing plants is a top priority. With Eastman Crystex Cure Pro, tire manufacturers can improve productivity, achieve better operational control, and realize cost savings. Productivity and operational enhancements are possible because Crystex Cure Pro is engineered with unique features, including superior dispersion and enhanced thermal stability.

Crystex Cure Pro was a nominee for the 2019 Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence held in Germany in March — the same conference where Eastman Senior Chemist Dr. Dominica Wong’s presentation on Cure Pro was chosen as a “presentation you can’t afford to miss.”

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