CALIDA began nearly eight decades ago as a small Swiss sewing factory and has grown to become a leading lingerie and lifestyle brand across Europe. As a company at the forefront of sustainable activism, in 2016, Calida became the first underwear brand to use the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label. The MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label shows the consumer that the textiles are tested for harmful substances and sustainably produced in accordance with OEKO-TEX® guidelines.

When CALIDA produced a Christmas-focused collection of velour, they used Eastman Naia™ cellulosic yarn because of its environmentally friendly manufacturing process, resource-efficient methods, and inherent attributes.

Eastman launched Naia™ as a sustainable solution at Interfilière Paris, the international event for lingerie, activewear materials and accessories. The first visitors to the Eastman booth were representatives from Händel + Diller knitting company.

“We discussed making a shiny velour using Naia™. Later that day, a representative from CALIDA was visiting us and explained that CALIDA needed sustainable velour. We told them that Händel + Diller was developing this fabric,” explained Susanna Koelblin, business development manager for Eastman. “They were very happy because Händel + Diller was a listed supplier for CALIDA. We were very lucky because the matchmaking between Händel + Diller and CALIDA was established. On the product side, we helped CALIDA fulfill its sustainability requirements for the MADE IN GREEN label.”

Because of the hypoallergenic nature of the yarn, fabrics made of Naia™ are skin friendly, quick drying and soft with wrinkle recovery and pilling resistance. Naia™ blends well with other fibers, and these combinations afford almost unlimited possibilities. The biobased yarn is developed with sustainably sourced wood pulp from managed pine and eucalyptus plantations and forests, resulting in no deforestation of ancient and endangered forests. Naia™ is produced in a closed-loop production process where safe solvents and water are recycled and reused, ensuring that Naia™ has a low tree-to-yarn carbon and water footprint.

The result of the collaboration was seen in CALIDA shop windows across Europe, Koelblin explains. “It resulted in a very nice and attractive Christmas collection that was displayed in CALIDA shop windows all over Europe.”

JETS Australia also selected Naia™ as a primary ingredient in breathable, moisture-wicking fabrications for its spring line of swimwear cover-ups. As seasonal lines, the CALIDA and JETS collections are both sold out and no longer available in stores.